For the buckles you sell we offer high quality snap on leather belts at a great wholesale price.     

Our belt sizes are generally calculated by adding 4 to 6 inches to your normal waist size as in the chart below.

Size _____Belt Size _______Waist Size
Small ____30"/32" ________Up to 26"/28"
Medium __34"/36" ________30" to 32"
Large ____38"/40" ________34" to 36"
X-Large __42"/44" ________38" to 40"
XX-Large _46" ____________42"

We have the biggest collection of all kinds of Leather Belt for LED Belt Buckles, Leather Belt for Name Belt Buckle, Leather Belt for all kinds of Western Belt Buckle. We also carry stud belt with buckle only for retailers with wholesale price. Studded belts with with buckle can also be used for belt buckles after removing its own buckle. Simply you need to un-snap the belts. 

Please note that this is only for retailers who is looking for wholesale price leather snap belts to sell. 

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